Manna is something God provided to meet the needs of His people. Additionally when unexpected help comes, we say “It is like Manna from Heaven”. 


We have found that there are funds in the marketplace that can be collected to assist and help ministries.  It just takes a bit of creativity to get them from the source to the need and that is where we come in – “Marketplace Manna, Inc. researches and finds out how to take what is already out there and get it to the folks who need it!  We attempt to be God’s tool to help people do God’s work while being in the marketplace we call living!


Currently we are working with New Start a Bulgarian Company importing Knit wear and Greeting cards that support the people of Bulgaria.


Marketplace Manna believes that individual’s tithes and offerings are the first line of support for Christian Ministries.  God makes that very clear in scripture.  We are also called to be witness of Him to the world and to make disciples – that should be happening in our lives everywhere we go.  We also believe that all that we do should help in that process if possible, so why not take things we do everyday and with a bit of fore thought let them also support ministries that are working at reaching the lost as well. 


Marketplace Manna was create to engage the Marketplace and use resource that are already there (that is anyone can take advantage of them and put them together so that individuals and groups can benefit by ways of additional support for the work they are doing for God.


The leaders of Marketplace Manna are Alan & Diane Mellinger who have had years of work raising funds for youth groups and missionaries as they led these ministries.  They are now bring this information to any who are needing assistance by challenging the rest of the Body of Christ to help even when doing there everyday, routine things of life.